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Our 5 Non-Negotiables for success in life & business!

No matter how flexible you are or how much you go with the flow, when it comes to doing business - it's great to have some Non-Negotiables... Here're some of ours!

1. Growth

Grow 1% everyday: Don’t focus on what others are doing, instead just keep moving forward and improving your skills, your products, your mindset every day.

Take daily steps (no matter how tiny) towards your goals & you’ll be in a different place next year!

2. Give Before You Take

Aaah, the golden rule in life - GIVE before you take: we live in the era of ‘ASK’. We ask people to do something for us, to buy something from us, to teach us something every single day. And we often get asked to do the same, whether through advertisement, on social media or in person. However there's a magic formula that is often underestimated in life and in business:

Do more for people than what they do for you & doors will start opening that you never knew existed!

3. Be Transparent

Be Transparent🔮 : build your life & business on HONEST VALUES, share your triumphs and struggles with your family, friends, customers.

BUILD TRUST and inspire others to do the same!

4. Keep Learning

Always keep learning: no matter how much you know or how old you get - there’s always so much more to learn. Keep an open & CURIOUS mind, learn from your mistakes, keep generating new ideas and stay HUMBLE in the process.

5. Love What You Do

Make sure you love it: Whatever it is you do, let LOVE be your driving force! Get into the habit of being passionate about what you do, whether its painting a wall on your attic, cooking or building a business.

Love what you do & and you’ll never be bored a day in your life!

Is there anything that you would like to add to this list? 🐒 Let us know in the comments below!

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