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Hi there!

I'm Nina Van Rompaey

And I'm an Instagram & Business Strategist...

I'm also the co-founder of My Rising Jungle, a business that I run together with my mom, Gulnara (aka total business & mindset transformer).

Just imagine: lots of coffee, creative brainstorming sessions, real talk & even more coffee - Gilmore Girls, anyone?


My mission is to empower business owners to embrace and enjoy their social media journey by helping them to have less stress, more time, get real results & move the needle in their business.

You see, before starting My Rising Jungle, I've pursued many different avenues. From acting - to running my own retail & e-commerce stores, from importing diamonds - to climbing the corporate ladder…
Been there, done that!


I walked many different paths, I failed forward and had my share of tough, yet 'OH SO valuable lessons'. I've learned that we're all guided by the powers of the Universe and we're here for a reason.


Whether it's being your own boss, working a 9 to 5 job with a hobby on the side or being a stay at home mom - you have a story to tell. And there're people who need to hear it - from YOU. As you have your own voice, your own message and your own way of telling it.


Instagram is a great platform that helps you share that 

message. It allows you to promote your business (for FREE), connect with like-minded people & motivate each other.




And because of all my experiences, detours and ups & downs - I feel YOU:

You're out there hustling, dreaming big, staying up late and working in silence behind closed doors... You're feeling overwhelmed and are always running short on time.

With all that going on it's easy to get lost: in life, in business and in the social media jungle.


I remember what that's like vividly... and I also remember what it's like to be new to Instagram. Looking around, thinking: 'This is SO hard', 'How does everyone do it?' and 'This isn't for me'.


And while Instagram isn't rocket science, it does take time to understand all its do's and don'ts. With so much information out there, plus all the constant changes to the platform - it's easy to get confused and sidetracked. I see a lot of people have a tendency to make similar mistakes when it comes to Instagram.


The truth is Instagram is nothing but an extension of real life and business.

And like in real life - knowing what to do, having clarity, a simplified action plan & a little bit of FUN goes a long way!

My mission is to help you get into or level up
your Instagram game in the most simple and
time efficient way.
So that you can show up as your most confident
SELF and have more impact on Instagram & beyond!

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Snapshots of my life...

Meet The My Rising Jungle Team!


  • Business & Instagram Strategist

  • Storyteller At Heart

  • Total Dog Mom

    "I'm convinced that all of us are surrounded by infinite possibilities, that 'failing' forward teaches us more than sitting on the sidelines & that living your life to the fullest is always worth the ride!"

    Superpowers: Dreams & Intuition 


  • Business & Marketing Strategist

  • Mindset Transformer

  • Coffee Lover

    "I believe in constant self-development, in the power of positive thinking, trusting your gut, growing brave by doing things that scare you & manifesting things into existence.

    Superpowers: Energy & Spirituality


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