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From Picture Perfect to Meaningful Success

Why human connections plays an important role in the way we do business and how you can use it to your advantage when it comes to Instagram!

Oh, baby baby - it's a wild world!

We live in a fast-paced world where new apps and softwares are released every single day. Technology is all around us, from Alexas & Siris to futuristic robots that even do our household chores for us.

That is why promoting your business online & reaching your ideal audience through social platforms has never been so ‘EASY’. On top of that, you can share your message globally and do it practically for free. Thank God for Wi-Fi, right?

Yet so many small business owners FEEL LOST in what appears to be a Social Media Jungle... With tips & tricks coming at them from right and left, the ever-changing trends and the time spent on tackling day-to-day tasks in their business – overwhelm is lurking right around the corner.

It's A Jungle Out There

Trying to be everything to everyone and showing up just to ‘show up’ causes business owners to lose track of what they wanted to achieve on social media in the first place. This makes them wonder if their clients are actually ‘out there' and if it’s worth to be spending so much time on something that doesn’t give them the desired results.

The truth is: the democratisation of online marketing happened in a fling of a second. Now you can be your own PR/marketing agency, graphic designer, copywriter and so much more with just a little help of Canva, Later & tons of other creative apps.

I bet most of us can’t even imagine our lives without platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. We connect to people all over the world in one click, we know the latest news a second after it happens, we discover amazing products we never knew we needed.

The glitter and gold of social media, combined with the perceived ease of doing business online has seduced many. Yet the majority of all the online entrepreneurs are still figuring out how it all works & online marketing on Instagram is still somewhat misunderstood.

People get on this platform and begin "stalking" thousands of virtual strangers. Without any prior interaction - some people offer their products via DM's, basically shouting "BUY, BUY, BUY" from the virtual rooftops.

We have all been victims of such malpractices. This has a lot to do with a lack of experience & forgetting that Instagram is a reflection of real life. Most of us wouldn't just stop a stranger on the street and hard sell our products, yet somehow we often feel that it's ok to do that on social media. The important thing to remember when it comes to using Instagram for business is that online marketing is all about the psychology of human behaviour. Understanding what drives your ideal client, helps you to shape your offer so that people want to get it from you (without you having to 'sell' it to them).

It's All About Connection

Now, more than ever - human connections play an important role in the way we do business. People buy from people, not companies.

This is clearly seen in the evolution of Instagram. It moves away from the number of followers & likes as the main metric; focusing more on authentic engagement & building a real connection with your audience.

Instagram swapped the picture-perfect squares for a more insightful representation of our lives by becoming an INFOTAINMENT platform (basically blending information with entertainment). That's why selling on Instagram is more than just putting a price tag on an item - it's a well-rounded cycle of educating, inspiring, entertaining and connecting with your ideal client. So HOW can you do all of the above in a controlled way without letting Instagram take over your life and still get the desired results?

Step 1:

Know your business strategy & goals. A great starting point is to outline the vision, mission and purpose of your business. The next step is to align everything to your IG content strategy. Or in other words:

You have to know where you're headed in order to get there.

Step 2:

Know your USP - Unique Selling Proposition and who it is for. Create a crystal clear irresistible offer that resonates with your ideal clients and showcase the transformation they'll get using your products/services.

The more specific you are with your offer, the more success you will have.

Step 3:

Commit to your Instagram activities. Be realistic about your recourses and time. Work out a specific content creation & planning process.

And know that just like with all things, consistency is what will transform average into excellence!

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram could be the best promotional platform for your business.

Above all, remember that when it comes to Instagram, business & life - you can achieve everything you want, as long as you approach it with the right strategy, mindset, focus & persistence!

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