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Show Up On Instagram Like A PRO!

Here’re our 5 TIPS to make your Instagram journey easier, save you tons of time & help you to show up consistently while promoting (& RUNNING!) your business like a BOSS.

Do you find managing your Instagram EASY or HARD? And what helps you to stay on TOP of your game in this IG-jungle? Let us know in the comments below.

5 Tips For Promoting Your Business On IG (Like A PRO!)

  • PRE-PLAN YOUR CONTENT: because an hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing ⏱

  • Know EXACTLY WHO your content is for: it’s SO much easier to create posts, reels, stories when you know who you’re serving & how you can help them!

  • BATCH CREATE: the greatest life saver of all, especially for busy business owners like YOU & I! Take an hour or two, find a cozy place to sit & create some content upfront.

  • Show up as an AUTHORITY: people must feel that you’re truly confident about what you’re doing, before they decide to put their TRUST in you/buy from YOU.

  • Be CONSISTENT: Being successful in business & on Instagram is pretty much like going to the gym 👉 Going 1-2 times a month & expecting a KILLER body = NO RESULTS. So keep showing up & don’t rush the process!! 🐆

Above all… BE YOURSELF! Don’t curate your personality.

So - how is your Instagram journey going? Do you find it easy or hard? We'd love to hear from YOU!

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