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How To Thrive In The Instagram Jungle

Let's face it, sometimes Instagram (and life... ) can feel like a real Jungle. There's SO much info out there, which makes it extremely easy to get lost. The below tips will help you navigate Instagram like a PRO!

I remember, when we first started being active on Instagram, all of it seemed a little overwhelming. Until I remembered that all new things are, at first.

The thing is: Once you know what to focus on & have a strategy in place - everything becomes easy!

Not sure where to start? We've got you!

6 Tips To Survive & Thrive in the Instagram Jungle

Get ready to ROARRR!

1. Have an INTENTIONAL approach when it comes to posting, both in visuals and your messaging.

Use your posts to inspire, educate, tell a story, entertain & try mixing all of that up!

2. Try starting your captions with eye-catching HEADLINES or QUESTIONS (don’t make it too complex).

3. SHOW UP on your feed! Did you know that actually showing your face can get you up to 32% more engagement? We all love to know who we’re talking to, right!

4. Engage with other profiles, comment on the posts/stories that interest you & support your fellow Insta-Jungle mates.

Remember: What goes around, comes around!

5. Get to know your followers, talk to people like you would in real life & stay true to your values (don’t do it for the quick likes/comments, be genuine)

6. And whatever you do, remember that NO ONE can do it like YOU✨Don’t be scared or intimated by someone who says or does the ‘same thing’, as all of us have a unique way of conveying a certain message.

You might be just what someone out there needs right NOW!💕

Do you have questions about any of the above tips? Leave a comment below.

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