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Done-For-You Customizable Captions For Catchy Content That Captivates, Engages & Sells!

These days, Social Media is the place to be for promoting & building your business. Yet coming up with content, knowing what to talk about, and writing engaging captions, can take up a lot of your time. Especially when you're a business owner, all of the above can feel overwhelming.

And Hey, I feel you - it's a JUNGLE out there!


But imagine how you'd feel IF you had all the captions at your fingertips? You'd know exactly what to post and ATTRACT your ideal clients 24/7.


Caption Jungle is a bundle of Done-For-You, fully customizable captions that captivate, engage & sell. So that you can show up on Social Media consistently, while having less stress and more time to focus on the things that matter most in your business.

Ready to thrive in the Social Jungle?

Hi there! I'm Nina

I'm an Instagram & Business Strategist...

I'm also the co-founder of My Rising Jungle, a business that I run together with my mom, Gulnara (aka total business & mindset transformer).

Just imagine: lots of coffee, creative brainstorming sessions, real talk & even more coffee - Gilmore Girls, anyone?

My mission is to empower business owners to embrace and enjoy their social media journey by helping them to have less stress, more time, get real results and move the needle in their business on Instagram & beyond!

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My Rising Jungle - Services

Strategy Development


Content Creation

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"In a world of algorithms,

hashtags & followers,

know the true importance

of human connection"

Caption Jungle

Out Now!


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Lucy Slater
Mindset & Manifestation Coach
I am bowled over by the amount of content and value there is in this pack, I have downloaded social media toolkits in the past and been left by very generic/light content that doesn't really fit the bill.

Once I had got access to the files, I was able to quickly convert into Canva templates and schedule them for release I have months of posts lined up now and all the thinking is out of my hands.

Thank you so much Nina for such wonderful product that really saves a lot of time.

Alexa Young, CA

It's time to have less stress & more time!
Ready to thrive in the Social Jungle?

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My Rising Jungle - Freebies


50 Engaging Caption

Need some inspiration for your captions? 

Want more people to actually COMMENT on what you're posting? Or are you looking for a way to add some extra FUN to your Instagram posts & stories?


Well, we've got your back! 


Caption starters are phrases, questions and headlines you can use at the beginning of your caption - to capture your reader's attention and promote engagement.

You can also combine these caption starters with engagement stickers in your stories, to make it easier for your followers to interact with YOU & therefore boost the IG algorithm in your favour.

Get your FREE Engaging Caption Starters now and get ready for more Instagram engagement!

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